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TOM Stringnet

TOM is one of Dutch leading producers of machinery and equipment for meat industry and can offer wide range of products known in 15 European countries, USA and Canada. Through a practical knowledge of meat processing technology, we have developed fit for use machines and systems, which receive full recognition from meat processing companies. They comply with all hygiene standards and bring benefits from production quality as well as economic results.

Using TOM equipment and Tomstringnet

TOM Stringnet TomStringNet TOM StringNet – elastic mainly used for packaging of traditional smoked meat products. The main advantage of this net is construction that allows to eliminate manual or machine tying processes. For proper application the application of the netting a tube is recommended. TOMStringNet is designed for use in the production of traditional smoked ham, tenderloins and also for packing cooked ham, raw ham and other meat products. Gammon production.


  • A real breakthrough in smoked meat and ham production
  • Fast and time-saving and fasters then a full automatic meat stringing machines
  • Process can be accelerated up to 20-times in comparison to Meat tying machines
  • Increases production efficiency in comparison to manual tying
  • Regular and recurrent appearance of the product
  • Possibility to slice, the netting remains on the ready product
  • Possibility to make loop at the end of the netting
  • For production of traditional smoked hams, loins, it can be used as well for packaging of cooked and raw hams and other meat products

Stringnet 1
Stringnet 1
Stringnet 1
Stringnet 1
Stringnet 1
Stringnet 1

Technical specification

Available colors*

Number of meters per roll: 50 running meters (depending on customer needs - 25, 100 and others)

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